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Probiotics the Latest Trend in Beauty Products

Probiotics are being incorporated in topical skin treatments.

Probiotics are being incorporated in topical skin treatments.

Probiotics may be the next big thing in skin care treatments, making their way from your digestive system into topical products and onto beauty-aisle shelves near you, thanks to dermatological researchers. The upshot: skin care treatments are popping up on the market with some science behind them.

“We are going to see it in face masks, face washes, creams, serums and more,” says Alexis Wolfer, editor-in-chief of The Beauty Bean and author of “The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen.” “The way probiotics helps with your digestion is the same way it will help with your skin.”

Just as they are said to calm stomach inflammation, probiotics are billed as having a calming effect on skin redness and irritation like Read More…

Lust + Luck: Green Lips

If there were ever a day to sport a green lip, it’s today. On St. Patricks Day, nobody will bat a false eyelash at your lip color choice. In fact, your radioactive lips might just keep you from suffering a few holiday pinches!

Green lips can extend beyond today, as well. With such a wide variety of greens on the market, we found shades to match every personality, mood, and season. We unearthed Spring-ready mints and grassy pastels as well as metallic emeralds of varying tones — all to help you create a fantasy statement or just make your everyday look a little more daring. Take a gander at our guide below and let it lead you to the ultimate in enviable green lips.

Brand: Sweetpea and Fay
Shade: Scuba Gear
Price: $7.99

An unusual shimmering spring green in a tube. This liquid lipstick has a glossy finish and is surprisingly opaque. We aren’t crazy about the squeeze tube design but to get the most out of the product we recommend a lip brush. The formula itself is thick, creamy, and moisturizing with a scent that smells lightly of vanilla but mainly of well, lipstick. The perfect cheerful green for the warmer days ahead. Read More…