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Understanding the Term “Salon Culture”

The term “salon culture” has been bandied about for years, but what does it mean and why is it important to you as a salon owner?

Think about what you believe in your core values and the standards by which you do business.  Quite simply, it’s the things that make your business special. Malcolm Gibbons, a salon business coach and founder of Shock Consult, defines salon culture like this: “It’s the way you behave and act in relation to the work you do.” More important perhaps, if you haven’t thought it through, it could be sending the wrong message to your customers. Think of your salon culture as the guiding hand that motivates and inspires your team.  Maybe it’s providing opportunities for continuing education or creating an enjoyable atmosphere for both clients and stylists. To help you get started, we talked to some salon owners and managers who have it all figured out.  Read More…