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Tips and Tricks for Treating Sensitive-Skin Clients


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More and more, estheticians are seeing a spike in the number of clients coming in with sensitive skin issues. Some experience mild, occasional flare-ups while others deal with constant redness, breakouts, excessive dryness and discomfort. Sensitivity increases with age and on average, skin becomes 10 percent drier each decade after the age of 20. The less moisture skin retains, the weaker the cellular barrier and the more irritants get in and wreak havoc. “Clinically speaking, sensitive skin is a genetic condition where the protective outer layer becomes less efficient at blocking irritants and allergens, and becomes prone to reactions like redness and inflammation,” says Beth Bialko, Associate Director Global Curriculum at Dermalogica. “Sensitized skin, on the other hand, results from external factors like cosmetics, pollution, lifestyle and stress, and becomes chronically inflamed.” Here, our experts discuss best practices for treating clients with sensitivity concerns. Continue Reading…