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These Nail Trends Are Taking Over Social Feeds Across the Globe


At the Morgan Taylor-sponsored Carolina Herrera spring/summer 2018 show, barely there, natural nails ruled the catwalk.

When it comes to global nail trends, you don’t have to hop on a plane to discover them, thanks to Instagram. We’re seeing trends like geometric design, super graphic hand-painted nail art and even natural-looking nails with glossy, matte or pearlescent finishes pop up on feeds across the globe. We asked three internationally renowned nail artists which nail trends they’re feeling right now. Continue Reading…

Healthy Hairdressers Tell How They Stand Up for Their Own Health

You’ve been giving us great responses to this month’s Healthy Hairdresser Challenge to stand up to one threatening ache, pain or health issue. If you haven’t shared yet, you have through September 30, and when you participate you’ll be entered to win one of 30 pairs of fashion knee-highs or knee-high toeless compression hosiery from our sponsor, Stand + Deliver, a division of 12 Benefits. This professional brand is dedicated to celebrating salon pros and helping keep them healthy while looking fashionable.

Taking a stand to exercise is cited by many, with participants vowing to lift weights, stretch and add activities like yoga and Pilates. One of our earliest entrants, Mary M., says, “Exercise is so important in this profession. Standing long hours in one place takes a toll on my body, especially my legs. Exercise helps with leg pain and… Click to Continue Reading.

Few ‘Dours Down: Nevena Rothe’s Modern Take on Classic Men’s Silhouettes

Isn’t it great when iconic silhouettes return—and return with a vengeance? Although the Elvis-inspired pompadour never really disappeared, it is coming back strong, made fresh with modernized upgrades. Here are two takes on the classic look by American Crew International All Star Nevena Rothe.

Elvis Presley’s classically cool pompadours through time inspire American Crew International All Star Nevena Rothe in her recreation of the modernized look she describes as masculine, lean, tall and square.

“The most common problem today is the length of the hair,” says Chicago-based Rothe. As a result, she utilizes multiple cutting techniques and products to add lift to the shape. “One of the best techniques is to cut with shear over comb with horizontal positioning and overdirection,” she says. “Internal razoring along the top adds extra support.” Continue…

Understanding the Term “Salon Culture”

The term “salon culture” has been bandied about for years, but what does it mean and why is it important to you as a salon owner?

Think about what you believe in your core values and the standards by which you do business.  Quite simply, it’s the things that make your business special. Malcolm Gibbons, a salon business coach and founder of Shock Consult, defines salon culture like this: “It’s the way you behave and act in relation to the work you do.” More important perhaps, if you haven’t thought it through, it could be sending the wrong message to your customers. Think of your salon culture as the guiding hand that motivates and inspires your team.  Maybe it’s providing opportunities for continuing education or creating an enjoyable atmosphere for both clients and stylists. To help you get started, we talked to some salon owners and managers who have it all figured out.  Read More…


Spa Marketing: Essential Social Media Outlets

Here’s a look at five social media outlets you may want to consider for your business.
by Corrie Pelc


Chances are you already have a Facebook page that you use to stay in contact with your clients. However, there are lots of fish in the social media sea that should also be getting some of your attention. Here’s a look at five tools that you may want to consider for your business.

Foursquare uses geo-location, allowing people to “check in” to their whereabouts—at work, at a local business, at a museum—both on the app and even to other outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Their friends and followers can then see where they are, which in turn gives them ideas on where they may want to go. According to Foursquare, more than 40 million people worldwide use the app, with more then 4.5 billion check-ins each day.  Continue Reading…

Top 12 Tips For Throwing An Amazing Business Event

September 13, 2013   Whether it’s a holiday luncheon for your best customers, a workshop for business owners at your accounting firm, an in-store reading by a beloved local author at your children’s bookstore, or just a way to thank customers on Small Business Saturday, hosting an event is a great way to attract new customers, cement relationships with existing customers and build buzz about your business.

But the idea of hosting an event intimidates many small-business owners. Yes, there can be lots of moving parts involved in pulling an event together, but don’t let that scare you off.

These 12 tips will help you plan and execute your next event with ease:  Read More…




Profitability Project: Landlord Vs. Commission

image of Profitability Project: Landlord Vs. Commission

Which is best: owning a booth rental salon or an employment-based salon? From time to time, owners on each side of this fence look at the other scenario and think the grass is greener. The truth is, however, owning a business in today’s world is hard no matter which model you operate. It’s really just a matter of determining which one is right for you. Let’s take a look at both models:

Employment-based Salon. As the owner of either a salary- or commission-based salon, you are in control of your own destiny.  You dictate your own culture, your strategic plan, the customer experience and how you market the salon and promote its products and services. But being in control of your own destiny also can be a burden. Today’s owners can’t open up shop and run it the way they did 30 years ago, and expect people today to simply want to be part of it. You have to drive the brand, and set the culture. You have to continue to create opportunity for your people and it’s your job to market and promote the salon, drive the business, and inspire, lead and educate the staff. But as the owner of an employee-based salon, you also have the greatest potential upside from a profitability and growth standpoint.  Continue Reading…

How Will I Age?

Your goal: a younger, refreshed face. Your worry: looking fake, filled, and frozen. The answer? Devise a cosmetic game plan with your doctor before you do a thing.
By Gina Way

“I don’t want to look done or freaky and artificial like everybody else. I just want to look like myself, only better.” So goes the fear voiced by new patients, says New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Haideh Hirmand. The “everybody else”? Those expressionless, Kewpie-doll carbon copies, all cherubic cheeks and fish pouts.

Instead of feeding the trend, more and more top doctors are doling out injectable enzymes like hyaluronidase to dissolve and deflate the glut of dermal fillers they’re seeing. “It’s ironic because women didn’t want that pulled-tight surgical look of the ’80s and ’90s, so a liquid face-lift [using fillers like Restylane] became a more natural-looking alternative,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono, author of The Face of the Future. “But trying to reshape the face by swelling up cheekbones, jawlines, and lips took on this Mrs. Potato Head approach. It started to seem as if the same features were being transplanted onto different faces. This is why all those Real Housewives look almost related.” Read More…

How to Give Your Man a Makeover: Brows


For some guys, brows are just those two things above their eyes that remain untouchable. For us girls, this can be a problem. Luckily for everyone, men’s grooming is on the rise, as is the amount of guys heading into salons to get their brows trimmed. A brow trim or clean-up not only makes your guy look more polished and better taken care of, it can also make him look more awake! We spoke with Ramon Padilla, director of Strip Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus in New York City, to find out the best way to get your guy to the salon, and how to look after those brows. Read More…

MODERN TRENDING: What Our Editors Saw and Heard at Beauty Week

MODERN SALON Media sent a team of five editors—Maggie Mulhern, Stacey Soble, Alison Shipley, Lauren Salapatek, Jan Hillenmeyer and myself—to PBA Beauty Week this past weekend, plus a camera crew and photographer to interview industry icons and cover major events. We covered Cosmoprof and events like NAHA, Beacon, PBA Symposium and City of Hope for MODERN SALON, SALON TODAY, FIRST CHAIR,, Modern Salon TV, posting stories that span the lifecycle and lifestyle of beauty professionals.

For Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek, who oversees product sections The Goods, Spotlight, Products We Love (online), as well as Style Watch, Ask the Experts and other key departments for MODERN, SALON TODAY and FIRST CHAIR, it was her first time at the show, and she was, quote: “blown away by the scope of it. I saw so many new things and met so many great people and industry experts.”

Yes, Beauty Week can create a “kid in a candy shop” effect for beauty editors and others, with a plethora of brands, sources, launches and events to experience. (And if you stopped by TIGI’s party or booth to check out the company’s latest styling launch, you actually WERE in a candy shop.) For those of us on the team who have logged “a few more” annual Vegas trips in July than Lauren, we too were impressed by the connections we made and the innovation and activity we saw on the showfloor and beyond.

After we returned to our home bases in Chicago, NYC and California late Tuesday evening, then spent the better part of Wednesday dealing with email and deadlines, we dedicated our weekly editorial meeting to a “deep dive” on what we saw as major or emerging trends at the show. Below are highlights of what we discussed. Read More…